Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Post In My Universe

Hey, so I decided to make a blog just to have some fun writing about some of my interests and thoughts. I love science fiction shows and movies and have always been interested in space. However, one of the things I could never understand was time travel. You go back in time in a DeLorean, prevent the birth of John Connor, and all is well. You live the rest of your life out in the past, trying to avoid seeing the old you of course.

I personally am not a fan of this way of time travel. What if you went back in time and killed yourself? Will you really have killed yourself? If you kill the past "you", the future "you" would not have existed and therefore not have been able to kill the past "you". This seems like a huge contradiction. Also, I have another issue with there being 2 of the same person at one time. This seems to break the "matter cannot be created" part of the law of conservation of mass. The past "you" and future "you" are composed of the  same matter (Yes, you grow new cells but these come from the current universe you are in and not all your cells are regenerated). So now there are extra pieces of matter that were created for the future "you".

As you may think I like my universe plural. Many worlds seems like an extremely reasonable idea to me. Not only that but it makes time travel a lot more plausible! I believe when you actually time travel, what you're actually doing is just travelling to another universe creating another timeline branch. So if you kill the past "you", all you're doing is just killing another version of you in a separate universe from which you are not from. This would also be consistent with the conservation of mass, as the the amount of matter in the universe you traveled to does not get created, you just remove yourself and bring your matter from your previous universe. So I find many universes to be the Occam's razor for time travel.

So those are my thoughts on time travel. If you stuck out till the end, thanks and leave some comments below. I don't know if I'll write some more posts in this universe. It was pretty fun and relaxing. So I guess we just have to wait and find out (Unless you got a DeLorean, but then again it won't be the same universe).